You won’t like it, when i’m angry..

You won’t like it, when i’m angry..

So… last two weeks i  was attacked by the flu virus. The fucker left me lying on the bed for days and made me puke every time i wanted to eat something. It… I… was ugly –  snot and other bodily fluids everywhere. I felt like dying. But in all that ‘sickness’, i still managed to go to the movies (and regretted it BIG time) hee….. 😀

At first i wanted to watched Kungfu Panda, but the parking lot at the movie theatre that we a.k.a mr. hubby loved [to death] was full. So i [since i was the one who was driving] went somewhere else, to a place that mr.hubby hated so much, just mentioning the name would rupture a blood vessel in his brain that he would pick a fight with me… That my dear friends is how drama king, my husband is. Making a decision about where to go would start with him picking my brains and ends only after i yelled and refuse to talk to him…. It was only befitting that we end up watching – ‘THE INCREDIBLE HULK’ – the movie that i knew he was intent on watching that day…. [told ya he’s sneaky…] because kungfu panda was full and we didn’t feel like waiting for 3 hours for the next show… At first i was feeling ok but the aircond in that place was killing me, i end up worse that night and was sick as a wet smelly stocking for 6 days after [whatever lah per~umpamaan tu, i am not liking myself to a dog lah kan..].


Those who knew me.. you know lah my movie reviewing skill… the movie was ok… kind of romantic, in a way that i never thought of when i think of big badly cgi generated green menacing giant. The bad guy – blondsky or something like that.. was just ok. Not that bad, not that menacing, i am much more interested in finding out, what happened to the doctor who helped hulk..  A nice surprise at the end of the film was when ironman made an appearance, so there must be a continuance after this but i read somewhere that Edward Norton? the guy who played hulk was having some problem with the producer of the film or something. So he probably won’t be in the sequel. That’s just sad, i like him as hulk a.ka David Banner, he gives the big green guy a much more interesting personality. Like a teenage emo hulk.. unlike Eric Bana who was good but his interpration was serious, darker and sinister looking, well in my opinion anyway…. ohh… forgot to add, Liv Tyler as hulk’s girlfriend is amazing…don’t know any girl nowadays that would stay if their men won’t have sex lest he became a big green giant, come to think of it, would hulk have a big giant peni~s or would all that stretching and growing, make his peen become non-existant???? hhmmmm….. another thing to waste my time on….. hihi..


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