Why can’t you be like Mr. Nebbercracker….?

Why can’t you be like Mr. Nebbercracker….?

When we’re in a fight and both are angry, sometimes we say things that we might regret later, i get that…. What we often forget is that, those hurtful words, once spoken, there’s no backspace key for you to erase them. It changes the way we see and feel about each other. It has done it’s job leaving an ugly scar, long after forgiveness is given and received. I think this time, the scar that it left, would take an eternity to heal and i worry as i can’t see a future when it’s clouded with hatred.

Why can’t you be like Mr. Nebbercracker who loves his Constance eventhough she’s a giantess, even when she died and turned into a monster house? Why?

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