Wedding bell and HallMark Hotel, Melaka

Wedding bell and HallMark Hotel, Melaka

My uncle got married last saturday. You know the one who lost his wife less than 6 months ago… I know jodoh pertemuan is fated and in god’s hand but i still think it’s too early for him to remarry. Sue me! The new aunty is 3 years my junior, and very pretty (compared to the arwah). The whirlwind romance started 4 months ago and today they have tied the knot. I hope my uncle didn’t make his decision based on lust and regret it later on because his new wife is 16 years his junior and have a young daughter to raise. Whereas he already has three grown up sons with the late arwah. Erk! Lantak dia lah….

We (mom and dad, anak bongsu and wife, hubby and me) went to Melaka on Friday and stayed at Hallmark Hotel. After the nightmare at Yellow Mansion, everyone was making noise telling me to choose a better and CHEAP hotel. Well, cheap because we will only stay there for a few hours and it seemed a big waste of money if we pay more than RM150 for a room. So my job was to find, CHEAP but NICE accomodation. Yeah..thanks, anak bongsu! After much research on the internet i narrowed it down to two, Mimosa Hotel and Hallmark Hotel. I chose the latter because it’s cheaper, and closer to Jonker Walk, simple as that. We took 2 Superior rooms, which has a double bed and a single bed and divided the couples into boys and girls. It was fun sleeping together with my mom and sis in law. The mid-nite chorus was really happening ­čśŤ

When we reached the hotel, checking in was a breeze. It took us less than 10 minutes to get our stuff into the room. We got the rooms of 315 & 316. We were also given breakfast vouchers and asked what kind of paper do we prefer to be delivered to the rooms in the morning. My, such good service! Well for the price of RM128 per room it was good! The room was average. The bed was nice, so was the comforter. No musty smell, the room was quite warm at first and the air-cond took almost half an hour to cool everything down. Toilet was cleaned but nothing to shout about. Our room was smaller than the boys room but we got the bigger bathroom, so fitting, don’t you think? The only problem i have with the bathroom was the low seat of the toilet bowl and the clogged drain. It took ‘forever’ for the bath water to be drained. Yuck! Towel is provided and not the thin cheap ones at that. No toiletries were provided though, although i did see a 3 in 1 soap dispenser on the wall. I didn’t use it as i prefer to use my own toiletries. Water pressure on the shower was not that strong but i didn’t care because i used the shower head they put near the toilet (bidet lah kunon…) as it had better water pressure.

I didn’t have a restful sleep though, as there are three very different individuals in the room, there’s bound to be clashes. Mom prefers to sleep with a night light on, she says she felt suffocated if it’s totally dark while moi, have to sleep in total darkness. i can’t sleep if there’s light. Sis-in-law? She was asleep 10 minutes we got back to the room. How i envy her! I compromised by leaving the toilet light on but as my side was the nearest to the toilet, can you imagine how i were to sleep with┬á those lights blaring at me? I closed the toilet door at midnight, but mom opened the door in the wee hours and i woke up and was restless until morning. Our next door neighbour (not the boys) also made a loud ruckuss around 2 or 3AM, loud banshee like laughter and door slamming. Tu belum dalam bilik masing-masing┬á punya berdengkur lagi…hehe…..

Breakfast was a simple affair, fried rice, fried meehoon, toast, malay kuihs, coffee and tea. Can’t complain there (yang complain2 tu pergilah ko cari breakfast pagi-pagi buto tu..). We checked out at 9AM.I would defitinety stay here again as the price is cheap and the room is value for money. It’s not luxurious but it served its purpose. Wish they have better parking area though…..

  • Hallmark Hotel
  • Jalan Portugis off Jalan Kubu
  • Near Jonker Walk

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