Walk – Walk looking for trouble..(Jalan – jalan cari pasal lah…! Boleh..?)

Walk – Walk looking for trouble..(Jalan – jalan cari pasal lah…! Boleh..?)

This post should’ve been written a few weeks ago.. but because of my illness..*cough*cough*… heeee ūüėÄ … i’ll post it now…

It was the weekend of the election and i wanted to go somewhere… so i thought.. why not Melaka?… So off we went… while we were on the highway though, there was a traffic jam… on the highway? you must be thinking… yes… on the highway…. i said to bf, there must a road-block to have this bloody long line or an accident… an accident, bf confidently states with his nostrils flaring… so…¬†there really was an accident and someone died…. *sigh* i felt so sad looking at the corspe lying there on the side of the road. Suddenly..i just don’t feel like driving 200km/h (as if my car can go that speed..)

Well, we reached Melaka safely¬†although not without the usual squable between bf and me (the controlling dick!), here’s the pictures that we took while we were there…

This is in front of the replica of the melaka palace. It was bloody hot at the time, beautiful weather but bloody hot and then 15 minutes later, while we were inside the palace cum (he he.. ) museum, it rained and didn’t stop until we got back… to jb, boleh..?

¬†I love, love, love this picture… so canteekk…(the one below ok..)

This is the over~hype A-famosa Fort.. i think every tourist that came here took pictures with this cannon. One lady, i think they were from Taiwan, took turns with her friend, straddling the poor canon… in¬†5 years, if every tourist who weigh more or less like me, mount it every time they want to take pictures, this cannon would be tired out and fall to the ground. And then.. you’d be sorry you didn’t take that picture when you had the chance…

Look at the sky… sudden change from sunny and blue to navy blue and gray…

check out this tree…. and this is not the biggest…

the notice nailed to the tree

the very cute and friendly guardian..

and lastly this is the picture in front of the water fountain very the rain got really heavy..

¬†So that was what¬†i did last election day…¬†Remember guys.. don’t speed even if you have badass cars… ¬†


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