To write and the hell with it or to berfura-fura?

To write and the hell with it or to berfura-fura?

I went to visit my mom this afternoon. As usual i would be glued to the pc since it’s faster than the one i’m currently using right now i.e harta company.. ANNDDD because my very stubborn nak mamposs and unreasonable YOUNGER brother was not around to ruin it for me, so when she called me for our sessi mengumpat bebual-bual, i kinda ignored her.. (memang aku kureng…). When i was done with the surfing yang tak mendatangkan pekdah nyer itu, i went to her to talk lah kan.. I was surprised when she asked me about my username at my brother’s website (she frequents it.. jangan marah mak aku net savvy taauu..), she asks whether it’s me and what can i do but say … yes..? So, she commented that i was very the rajin meninggalkan komens there, i.e macam tak de kerja kat opis surf blog sedara mara, ye tak..?.

Actually, what i’m trying to say here is my mom actually acknowledges THIS blog, she might be reading this right now (eleh.. dia paham ker apa aku tulis nih..?) … Should i still write the way i do, you know, nonsense that’s spewing in my head or should i tone it down so as not to shocked her poor tired old heart… heh, heh.. 😛 (actually, i wanted to put kepala setan kat sini.. tapi kenapa tak boleh ek..? RRIIPP???) The problem is, unlike other people who has intelligent things to say in their blogs, i use this space for my own narcisstic self and as an outlet to let out my angry, angry outlook on everything in this world… (free therapy)… You see.. i’ve just wasted 3 minutes of your precious life by reading my nonsense and I DIDN’T CHARGE youu…

Ok.. who am i kidding..? My mom knows me, dalam banyak-banyak mischief aku tu, she knows a lot of it,  maybe because i’m HER daughter, she’d photoshopped it into what she wants to see and believe…… i don’t pretend i’m a princess yang ada hallo atas kepala… so i think she can take it lah.. if not .. nasib lah kan.. sapa suruh dia kepoh baca… he he..


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