Third Day of Hari Raya…..

Third Day of Hari Raya…..

We went to the Cameron Highlands on the third day of raya. Why? because we can…. Went via the Simpang Pulai exit because my research shows that the road is not as narrow and winding as the ones in Tapah (since i’ll be the one who’s driving us into CH). Our road trip started at 3.00am from our home in JB, then we stop to fill up the car and whaddya know, the car’s engine was overheated from the 10 minutes of driving from our house! This is not good, i had a sinking feeling in my belly that we might have to cancel. En. Laki was busy checking the engines (well, really filling it up with water) after about 15 minutes, crossing our fingers we start our trip. It was, thank god, smooth sailing after that and we arrive in CH around 12pm. Give me a break, we were driving at 90 – 100 kmph ok? Weather in CH was sunny and cool. We stayed in IRIS House Hotel in Brinchang. It was RM109.00 per night. The room was small but CLEAN. Few things that bothered me about this hotel, the thin walls ~ i could hear my neighbours children constant whining and the screaming (roll eyes)…… and they leave a lot of house rules notes all over the room. NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED!, NO PETS ALLOWED!, We will charge you RM50 if we  clean up the food in your room. Please make sure the sheets are not stained or we will charge RM50 for the dry cleaning, it was really irritating! We also had a rude shock that morning after checking in, when we were under the covers and was trying to sleep when the door to our room was opened by the hotel staff! WTF! What if we were, you know??? and not even an apology!? They were lucky that we were too exhausted to do anything.

Later in the afternoon we went to the Bharat Tea Plantation and ate some scones. It was expensive, one lemongrass tea, one ice milk tea and one scone set, set us back RM21+. The scone set was RM12 ~ 2 scones, strawberry jam, cream and butter and it was not earth shattering as i had imagined. The tea was too bitter (they didn’t provide any sugar and i didn’t want to line up again for them), i guess you can conclude that i didn’t enjoy myself at the Bharat tea plantation.

On the way back from Bharat, we stop at Tanah Rata to get money (the scones took all of my money 😛 ) as this is where most of the banks are located. There’s Maybank, HSBC, Hong Leong and even AmBank :) . By this time, En. laki was famished and i spied a malay warong at the opposite road and made a beeline for it. Since it was only the 3rd day of raya, there were not many halal malay eating places open for business. So we felt lucky, finding this warong eventhough they only sell chicken rice. That feeling changed though when we began eating, it was not as good as it looks. A bit too salty AND… i happened to noticed (after i ate about half of my plate) that the warong helper who made our drinks and brought the food to our table had LONG DIRTY BLACK FINGERNAILS! (Vomit a little in my mouth). I feel like vomitting thinking about it as i’m writing this…. YUERKHCKH! Total for dirty nail germ infested meal was RM14.00, expensive dirty little monsters, aren’t they?

After that we went driving up to EQ strawberry farm but they were closed, so went to KEA Farm and wow! The vegetables on sale were gorgeous!


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