Teh berbunga-bunga….

Teh berbunga-bunga….

Bought these beauties a few weeks ago. When i went into the tea shop, the proprietor, a chinese man (i think from China) smile and started to offer me samples of black tea which was really delicious. I didn’t buy the black tea as one disk cost RM88/- and well, these were really what i’m after….


I first saw these beautiful flower tea years ago when i was blog hopping and was wondering what it would taste like. I also saw it on the menu of  ‘lavender’ cafe but never got around ordering it as there were other beverages which took my fancy like their lavender soda ~nyum! Well, anyway when i saw this tea shop had them, i just can’t let the opportunity slip me by, right? I bought them at RM10 for 3 flower tea balls. I don’t know whether it’s a steal and i didn’t really care as long as i got them in my claws… Soothing to the eyes and to the soul, just what the doctor ordered to get my stress level down…

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  1. wh, aku juga sudah lama mengidam teh ini, saw it on flavors cover years back, but tidak terbeli2 till now, hehe, kudukut gayanya, hahaha, by the way the black expensive tea must be the aging one, ada yg sampai ratusan tahun.

    aww, nak beli gak lah.. hahahaha rasa sodap tak?.. delicate? jasmine hint? perlu gula? (sori nok mak interrogate sakan bagai, haha)

  2. puan hantu,

    rasa teh berbunga2 ni sedap with a hint of jasmin, no need gula, it did not turn bitter even when you over steep it or leave any unpleasant after taste… sedap lah nok! hehe… aku dah masuk bajet nak beli black tea tu bilai gaji…. teruja sedap and no need gula or susu… very healthy.. 😀

  3. Juls, aku beli mende alah ni masa pi Shanghai hr tu, actually laki aku yg beli sb biasa lah dia suka teruja tgk benda pelik2 ni..pastu aku dah melupakan mahkluk ni untuk beberapa ketika, dalam 2-3 weeks kot. Pastu baru teringat nak carik, tapi dah kuar makhluk asing dah mcm kutu tu ha, sayang plak

  4. DR,

    aku rasa teh bunga yang pada ko tu teh bunga versi kutu…. special tu… ingat senang ke nak dapat?

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