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Orchestra Perut

Orchestra Perut

Komponen2 yang diperlukan:



Serunding kelapa ~ this particular one is made with finely blended dried achovies…



Sambal Kacang atau omputeh mungkin panggey spicy peanut sauce. Minyak yang berlenang tu penting not just as aesthetic element ok? (ejaan memang tak betul, so jangan nak kepoh betul kan!)



Sambal goreng julie style, aku nak cakap sambal goreng jawa authentic tak boleh sebab resipi, aku dah suka2 ubah mengikut hati aku, well, if you want to get technical masih boleh dipanggey sambal goreng jawa kerana aku yang masak dan AKU  ialah jawa…. hidup jawa! (tapi aku ngak ngerti ngomong jowo … sedey :((  )

4) ……. eh, korang mesti dah boleh agak kan, aku masak apa…?


YES!!! Mak masak lontong uolls!! Aku adalah sangat keji, baru semalam makan lontong platinum (platinum sebab mahal bukan sebab special gilbabs punya sedap ok, lodeh dia cuma ada kobis and karot yang sebatu satu, sambal tumis je tak de sambal kacang. That is all.)  kat gerai k.noor tu, harga dia hentam sampai 4hengget. Padahal aku ‘CUMA’ letak 2 biji telur, gila tau pompuan tu, nak kaya. Malam tadi heret en. laki pergi pasar beli barang keperluan, modal dikeluarkan lebih kurang 40hengget tapi aku puas hati. Boleh makan sampai meletop perut and cukup semua bahan…. Agak nya kalau macam ni rupa lontong k.noor, berapa dia nak charge aku? RM7 kah?


Ochestra perut dah licin… orchestra mata pulak nak start…. hehe


Lontong Kering, Rendang Ayam, Sambal Kacang and Gatal Kote…

Lontong Kering, Rendang Ayam, Sambal Kacang and Gatal Kote…

Remember when i wrote that an aunt died and i was sad looking at my uncle because he was all alone yada~yada… well, you can stop feeling sorry for him. The ‘bereaved’ widower is getting marriend. YUP! IT”S TOO SOON, ISN’T IT? It’s not even 6 months yet, must be the case of ‘gatal kote’ mr. hubby said. He should know… He’s from the same species. This is is what i don’t get, my uncle looked so sad during the funeral, the red eyes, the tears and look at him now! Were they crocodile tears? How can he moved on so soon? Arwah’s things are still left like she was still around and my uncle is already in love with another? The engagement party was held last saturday and the wedding will be in March. I don’t know where the newlyweds (errkkh! tersedak tekak aku) are going to stay after the wedding but i hope he’s not going to stay in the same house. Anyway, since the parental unit was away busy being the kepala of the rombongan meminang (we were not allowed to go, by the way. Decree from THE MOTHER), i thought, what a perfect day to make lontong kering.

Eventhough i am a lazy ass, i love going through food blogs and collects recipes, looking at those beautiful pictures just makes me want to cook it. Of course, most of the time, laziness won but NOT last weekend. Last weekend, with great effort, i haul my big kaboos and went to the market to buy things needed to make chicken rendang, sambal goreng selangor, sambal kacang and of course, pre-cooked lontong. I couldn’t be bothered making my own ‘pressed rice’ (what basically lontong means in english..)

First, the chicken rendang. I got the recipe from here, i just love the pictures she took and that just motivates me to cook…..most of the times..:grin: Go visit her site for the recipes, my fingers hurt from yesterdays ordeal 😉 Next the sambal kacang, since i am a renegade when it come to following recipes to the letter, i can’t give the exact measurements :

1) a bowl of dried chilies (cut, throw away the seeds and boil for a few minutes before blending)

2) 4 shallots and 2 garlic (peeled)

3) a small knob of belacan

4) a small knob of lengkuas or galanggal

5) a bowl of fried  and pounded peanuts (i cheat, bought the ready pounded one)

6) tamarind juice, oil, sugar and salt to taste and wallaaa….

Another of my guilty pleasures is buying cooking magazines. I used to love SAJI. Guess where the sambal goreng recipe comes from? It’s from SAJI June 2004. Here’s the renegade recipe:

1/2 kg of chicken liver (boil, drain, salt and turmeric, fried and diced when cooled)

2 packets of tempe (cubed and fried)

2 kubes of Soybean curd (hard ones)

2 potatoes (cubed and fried)

long beans and carrots


3 shallots, 2 garlic (sliced)

6 birdseye chillies, belacan, dried anchovies (pounded)

1/2 cup coconut milk, 1/4 cup tamarind juice, 3 tbsp soysauce and a small knob of lengkuas-bruised

After 1 1/2 hours slaving in the kitchen, i dozed off for 3 hours….. hahahaha…. nampak sangat aku memang pemalas..