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Homemade Butter

Homemade Butter


I made butter today…. yes butter, the thing where you can easily shelled out RM7++ to get at the store… Why? because i wanted to have buttermilk and also because i have an opened box of cream lying around in the fridge collecting dust…(haha.. ada ke dust inside the fridge?)

I start with 500 ml of whipping cream and over whipped it … easy…

You will end up with … butter and butter milk…

My 500ml of whipping cream yield 180gms of pure butter and about 200 ml of buttermilk. To be honest though, since i seldom use butter in my cooking, except for baking, i don’t see myself making this often eventhough it’s easy. Cleaning up afterwards is a bitch because everything i touch was oily and being a middle class malay household in Malaysia, we don’t have a dishwasher. Everything had to be washed by hand! I had to boil water to get rid of the slick oil. More work for me, so… NO, i think i’ll just fork out the RM7++ if i want to eat pure butter. AND…. if you don’t have a splash guard for your mixer, forewarning, the buttermilk splashes everywhere and i HAD a splashguard… but Good Luck though because you will have an excellent pure butter in hands… 😀