Shrek itu alter ego aku…..

Shrek itu alter ego aku…..

I find that as i grow older, i have no patience with dumb people, things that i perceived as dumb, dumb makciks who cuts que while i stand there like an idiot holding a big ass baldi, while the dumb cashier accepts her payment after i waited in line for half an hour, dripping sweat lagik, while the dumbass in front of me paid for her RM50 purchase with a credit card which took ages to process! well dumb everything lah….

Does it surprise you that i don’t have a lot of friends? I don’t think so.. because YOU, my dear readers allthreeofyou are what i consider SMART people, otherwise you wouldn’t be here….hihik…  i think the best way to describe me is i am a grumpy, fat, bitter ogre… not much different from Shrek! but if you were to compare me with food or vegetable, i would be a bitter gourd…. or peria, katak or otherwise, bitter nonetheless…. The thing about peria though…eventhough it’s bitter, it’s reputedly good for you, especially if you have high blood pressure or diabetes…eventhough it is an acquired taste….

Tau tak kenapa aku merepek meraban, tak kena gaya ni? Sebab aku nak tunjuk kat korang…. lauk aku hari tu… peria goreng telur….!!! Muhahahahaha —-> evil laugh and kentut! I apologise for wasting all 3 second of your life …. 😛

 P/S DANNNNN… selain daripada benda-benda diatas, aku nak tambah, conceited and self-centered since i have been talking about myself this whole post…. Much like some dumbass friends that like to talk about themselves that i loathe so much… (pastu sendiri buat benda yang sama…. teeehhheee – ketawa kecik..)

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