Robert Downey Jr. made Iron Man Cool….

Robert Downey Jr. made Iron Man Cool….


I went to watch Iron Man when it premiered a few weeks ago and now i’m in love. I’m in love with Tony Starks and i blame Robert Downey Jr. He made Tony Starks character so cool. The movie was ok, if you like heart pumping action and noisy sound effects that makes you jump from your seat… hehe..  Seriously though, the movie was awesome, great special effects, sound effects and of course the downey effect.. 😉


I have always thought that Robert Downey Jr is a talented actor but who would have thought Downey would make a cool super hero? He can sing , he can act, it’s a pity that he also is very screwed up… or he used to be. He’s clean now. I hope so, i’d hate to be falling in love with a coke head. I think my infatuation with Robert Downey started with All McBeal, when i saw him singing and then later when he appeared in that Elton John video, i was  hooked. Then life got to me and i moved on and he became just another actor that i had a crush on. Sometimes i would read about him and his brush with the law and i thought, why do talented and artistic people are so keen to destroy themselves?

downey-mugshot.JPG  downey-mugshot-2.JPG

See? Even his mugshots look good, crazy looking and bewildered but good [have you seen Richie Sambora’s ? {shudders} ]. I have always been attracted to bad boys and this is no exception. If Downey was someone real, meaning someone who is real in my life, he would be bad news and i still would let him share a sleeping bag with me. I think he is an intense man and that intensity changed to craziness when he’s on coke.

downey-stare.JPG  downey-n-wife.JPG

Well i think his intensity is extremely sexy. He defitinely brings sexy back, not that boy, who recently gyrates with grandma of pop. By the way, i read that Downey is currently married [above picture] and i am so happy for him. I’m glad he has someone there for him.


I love his arms and hands. It’s a MANs hands not the smooth girly types that i always encounter. Soooo sexy..Since today i am infatuated by Robert Downey Jr, you guys have to suffer along with me…hahahaha …



Before you tell me that Downey is not that good looking, i have this to say :roll:  To me, a face that has lived life, is full of character and that makes the said person much more interesting than a pretty face. I can’t expressed this enough, i think he’s sexy and want to gobble him up… nom, nom, nom….

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