Purging – Reminder To Self…

Purging – Reminder To Self…

You feel numb right now. Sometimes when you’re minding your own business, a memory sneaks up on you and knock you breathless. It’s ok….it will pass. You’ll get angry when you remembered how guilt free he looks sitting there next to that fatass….it’s ok, that…will pass too. You will be sad, you will no doubt miss him, i can’t promise these feelings will stop though… You just have to take a deep breath and stop wallowing. There’s nothing you can do to make him love you when there’s no love in the first place. Stop blaming yourself, it is not your fault. He’s with someone who he deserves, he’s her problem……RIGHT now. Someday soon you will look back and thank god that this happened. Regrets will be there for the things that was done but life must go on. Please, PLEASE remember…next time you meet someone (even if you don’t feel like you will right now…you WILL) please, take your time, don’t jump in recklessly….protect your heart…it’s been through a lot, eventhough it’s tough, don’t let it be abused again. You deserve better. You deserve the best! Why settle for anything less?? Even if you don’t meet anyone here, in this lifetime… Rest assured he, Nabi Muhammad (SAW) will be waiting for you in jannah…isn’t that the ultimate love?


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