Purging – Letter to an ass 1

Purging – Letter to an ass 1


It’s been only a week since it’s over. A week….not enough time to forget the past year of being together. Every single day that were spent together… I fell for you hard and fast, i trusted everything you threw my way…looking back, i realised i was in a vulnerable place and you took advantage of that…..why? Did you planned this, was this the bet you had with her? Was my life and feelings a game to you both? If you didn’t plan to stick around, why promise me eternity? I gave you my everything, i trusted you, i was willing to put my life in your hands and in the end, you betrayed me and blame me for your actions. Which by the way is a cowardice act, be a man and take responsibility for the things you do. You choose to act that way…. Instead of saying good bye, you told me to FCUK OFF! I am lucky,Allah loves me and take you away so i can find my path back to him.  I have genuine people around me who loves me…. So eventhough it hurts everytime i thought about what i have lost…and probably would take a long time for me to heal from this wound that you inflicted….i know i will be ok…


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  1. Dear sister, janji manusie tak sume boleh dipercayai. Janji Allah yg pasti. InsyaAllah pasti jumpa org yang syg dan terime seadanya.

  2. Thank u for your kind words. Semua yang berlaku ada hikmah nya, insyaallah i akan ingat and not make the same mistake.

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