OMG i’m an old bag….

OMG i’m an old bag….

You notice how kids nowadays love taking pictures with their tongues sticking out..? I BLOODY HATE THEM! Thank god i don’t have kids (yet!) that do such things… I mean what is wrong with these kids..? They either scrunch up their faces or stick out their tongues or posing like drunken little sluts who … i believe (these girls) doesn’t know what being slutty means….

Kids… let mokcik tell you one thing or two… when you scrunch up your face and think you’re being cute…. YOU’RE NOT! when you stuck your tongue out and make that aroused ¬†face and you think somehow it makes you look hot….? IT DOESN’T!! It makes you look like a demented fool. I hate it that somehow i am always…ALWAYS accidently looking at one of these ‘pictures’ (if you can call it that..) on my FB or when i’m blog stalking… i don’t get it… there are parents that think their 15-16 year old girls (that looks grown up..) shows off these kinda of pictures because they think it’s cute… CUTE… tongue sticking out between their fingers with eyes half closed!? Cute?! Eeee…. if i were to do that at 16yrs old, my mom would whoop my ass for being ‘indecent’…. But i guess times are different now, these are the times when we want our kids to express themselves… besides who are they hurting..? right..?

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