Not so random kababom!

Not so random kababom!

The internet modem is fixed, well not exactly.. en. laki fork out money and bought a new one. Unfortunately our computer is scheduled to be burried sometime soon and no replacement looming on the horizon…..sigh!  So, for the time being, we’re like squatters, seeking refuge using my brother’s computer… sedey  merempat~s…or in my case, hijacking my boss’  pc, god!such a dangerous revelation….. tapi….. ada aku kisah?!

Recently someone acused me of being a moody bitch. Granted she was right, i was pissed hearing it because i thought ~ hey! the pot calling the kettle black, goes back to you sista! But when i’ve calmed down and thought about it rationaly, everybody’s got their own perogative.  Family is family, blood is thicker than water even if, it is tainted blood and contains harmful virus, just grit your teeth and embrace it.  Never mind if it makes you sick later, you can always complain and bitch about it because you know… it’s your blood and you can’t get rid of it, lest you die. So who am i to butt in? To feel angry is a big no-no because i am not the one dealing with the situation, i am the outsider. BUT i am not going to apologise because of how i felt. I don’t mind being labeled a moody bitch if it means i’m being honest to what i’m feeling.

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