Natural Woman…. ha wooh!

Natural Woman…. ha wooh!


Forgive the long absence please, i thought my hosting was kaput so i didn’t bother to check. I just found out that it’s not kaput, so here i am… Gosh… so much happened this past FEW months.

I have been feeling rather depressed lately. I’ve wrote about this before and since i haven’t had an episode for so long, i thought it’s over and done with. It started last week when i cried myself to sleep. REALLY CRIED… with the blocked nose and snot and stuff. I was angry at Mr. Hubby, i was angry that we were not connecting, i was angry at him for keeping secrets from me, i was angry that he has these ‘kawan tapi mesra’, i was angry at myself for trusting and not being able to trust him, i was angry at myself for being such a failure ( i felt that my career and my life is such a failure compared to other people) and most of all i miss my parents, who are now in Mecca doing the Haj. I have no control over my feelings. At work, i would suddenly feel so ‘sebak’ that i felt i could burst into tears at any moment. I just feel so sad and hopeless at everything. The one thing that puzzle me though is that i have not lost my appetite….heh :)¬† I feel tired all the time eventhough i turn in at 9p.m and my head feels like exploding. I know it can’t be my bp since i am diligently taking my meds. It doesn’t help that Mr. Hubby is now outstationed in KL for his ‘business’ and i can’t get hold of him…………………………………………. oh… whatever……

I watched the movie ‘PHAT GIRLZ’ on cabel just now, and there’s a scene when this song was playing. I love this song, unfortunately i don’t feel like singing it to the one in my life… in fact i have never ever felt like singing¬† or dedicate this song to any of the men who were in my life… go figure… wait, i think i did, with the face smasher… When i was with him (at the beginning of the relationship), i thought i would die if we were not together. He made me so happy and yet he also was the one who broke my heart, my things and my face…

I’ve heard the Aretha Franklin version, Carol King, Kelly Clarkson but i think this one from Celine Dion is the best…. *whopps!, it seems that the video was removed, so here’s another one. Not as good as the first one though :( *
YouTube Preview Image

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