My Emo kitty – Oncet

My Emo kitty – Oncet

See i have trouble naming my cats, i can’t give them human names, it feels weird, so i end up naming them based on their coat colour, body posture, quirks…things like that. They also have a few aliases, when they get on the nerves especially… Oncet which basically means boncet or boroi is … obviously because he’s got a big tummy….he is also known as cici as in cib*i…., cinta, cilanat, ciput….who knows, the possibility is endless. That, you’d have to confirm with my little bro & sis-in-law, as they also called the other cats as baby ci, so.. yeah… ‘ci’ is a favourite word of theirs.   I never can get a good photo of him because he won’t stay put. Soon as he saw the camera, he’s hatching his breakaway plan…..

Oncet has been under the weather these few days, so this morning mom tangkap dia and masuk kan ke dalam our cat carrier….which is really just a bakul untuk pergi berpiknik…. and the bakul was losing it’s pelekat or the thing that holds it in lah… so my dad tied a string to secure it, alas, forgetting about the other side…. bila orang tua tu habis solat, ingat nak pergi vet lah.. tup-tup, si oncet sudah prison break uollsss…. hahaha and sampai ke saat ini, kelibat nya tak kelihatan….

Oncet tu dah kena neutered sebab asyik memancut jek… and i neutered my cats because i love them and i can’t bear to give or throwaway the babies that might be produced… tau-tau jek lah… kucing ku semua bohsia handalan…. so aku rasa lah… this was what he was thinking before the prison break…

‘last time gua kena tangkap ini macam, i lost my balls, this time kalu, don’t know what will be lost, so anything, better… i get lost…’

heehee…. 😀

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