Mr. Gibran was wrong…

Mr. Gibran was wrong…

Kahlil Gibran once quote : 

“If you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work.”

Maybe in early 1900s when Mr. Gibran came up with this quote that were true. In 2008, when you have car instalments to pay, rental upkeep, house instalments, mouths to feed, not to mention the scarce availabiltiy of decent paying jobs and the never ending price hikes in Malaysia, Mr. Gibran would not think twice working on a job that he hates. He had to, otherwise he’d be broke and homeless.


In the perfect world, you have a job that you love doing and everyone loves you. Reality however, is so cruel. Yes, i’m talking about my predicament… what else would i talk about? The world …? tsk..tsk.. My boss has what i am happy to say, ‘favouritism’ syndrome… hhmm.. what do english say of ‘pilih kasih’..? Whatever.. Anyway, the people who belongs to his favourites list can do no wrong, they can saunter up to his desk and shit on his lap and he would still promote them and approve anything they shove up his nose. Those who is in his ‘to be assassinated list’ however (which is me by the way..), dissapear to look for the heavy and dusty files in the compactor and he would still think that i’m up to something and not doing my job. It doesn’t help that he is bias towards my every move and thinks that i am stupid. So.. tell me.. should i love coming to work today, knowing that my boss thinks that i’m stupid and doesn’t respect me as a human being?….

*ssiigghhh…* I feel a bloody migraine coming up….

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