More than meets the eye..

More than meets the eye..

When i was a little girl i love saturday mornings because i can watch cartoons before all the boring grown-up programmes. One of my favourites is Transformers… eventhough the dialogue were crap and the storyline was absurd ( which i only realise now that i’m all grown up) i used to wait anxiously for those transforming suckers and would be disapointed when the show didn’t aired (back in those days the tv listing and the tv stations themselves were not reliable.) Imagine my excitement when i found out that they were filming Transformers… everytime i went to the movies and they show the trailers, i would get so excited i felt like peeing in my pants..


So the movie was released and we went to watch it.. TWICE… then bf got the dvd… and i get to WATCH it everyday, did i mentioned EVERYDAY? Bf is a fan, freaky, compulsive fan… he’s bought two of those dvd’s, almost all of the cartoon dvd series… and he watches it EVERY FUCKING DAY… enough to drive me mad.. i love transformer but not everyday… pleasee… it’s like he’s memorizing the dialogues.. You know what..? I think he did… because once when i was mad at him, he sent me a text message that says : ‘easy ironhide….’ sakit tak hati kau??!! i could kill him with my bare hands…

* My two cents on the movie ~ Optimus sounded like a sweet old wistful nostalgic goat. Megatron though was magnificent, i just wish there was more scenes of Starscream and that he would have more dialogue in english and not cybertron gibberish…

I found this quiz when i was browsing my brothers site.


Take the Transformers Quiz

Frenzy Frenzy is a chaotic spy turned boom box, sent by the Decepticons to infiltrate enemy strongholds.Like Frenzy, you are not compassionate and harbor evil thoughts. You want to be a leader and show some promise, but you have much to learn (kurang ajar tak ni.. cakap aku tak compassionate and harbor evil thoughts… spekurama siyall..). In addition, you stick to the basics and don’t need all the encumberances of modern technology.

There’s the proof that i am really a DECEPTICON at heart but alas a chickenshit one that..

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