Mesti Korang ingat dah habis kannnn?

Mesti Korang ingat dah habis kannnn?


Nope…sorry…. Belum habis lagi… Aku rasa sekarang ni aku kat stage bersedih… and rindu… Every night before aku tidor, i miss him and i saw his face… Every day i remembered his routine and i wonder where he is and whether he is still doing that routine…. I know.. it’s a sad form of existence tapi aku nak buat macam mana… Aku memang tak nak pikir tapi dia datang sendiri and just so you know, memang aku tak layan pun perasaan tu. Aku tak tau orang lain lah tapi aku memang macam tu… even ex husband aku, si hitam tu… i still miss him. I still think about him, not as much as before, thank god… tapi …still. Kadang aku wonder if these guys that were once in my life, do they think about me? do they wonder how i’m doing? Me…the mess that they left behind, how am i coping? Entah la…aku rasa kadang2 macam tak fair je… lelaki ni senang sangat nak move on and forget. Macam my ex, he’s got a whole new life that he started even while we were together, so memang aku tak heran lah kalau dia terus boleh lupakan aku. Macam gigi karat…. sigh… dia terus boleh pick-up life dia where he left off before dia jumpa aku and keep on living… Macam the past year was nothing… Me…i am left to pick-up the pieces and try to mend my broken heart.. some pieces i could never find and eventhough i know i will be ok, i will never the same. My heart will never be whole again…. isshhhh!! Poyo jek ayat… aku ni kalau start feeling macam ni, mula lah nak start feeling sorry for myself balik… Stop it!! Whatever happens, it happens for a reason. Kena redha… sebenarnya aku ni baru tahu erti redha yang sebenar-benar nya which is, untuk menerima tanpa persoalan ketentuan tuhan. Which is really hard.. hey.. i am just human ok.. Some days aku rasa ok, some days i’m so pissed at how things turned out…but i am trying my best…


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