Keenwa @ Quinoa Salad

Keenwa @ Quinoa Salad

I have long read the health benefits of quinoa and eventhough i’ve seen them on supermarkets here in JB, i’ve never been interested to try them out. Until last week. I was wasting time browsing the imported goods isle and spotted them and thought… why not? If you’re interested to know more about quinoa, you can google it yourself but i am extra nice today so here’s the link, GO.


The package came with instructions on how to cook them and so far from the endless research i did on the net it’s basically the same method


But i thought of my disastrous attempt at cooking couscous, and thought i would tweaked it a bit. So, instead of cooking it with plain water, i spiked it with ½ of a chicken soup bouillon. Whaddya ya know… tasted… not bad….


I was thinking of making a salad with it, being  health food and all…. so i started to chopped some spring onions, a tomato, a few pcs of dried apricot and one avocado.


I was afraid that my avocados would trun brown,so i spiked it with the juice of half a lemon, then i combine everything and season to taste (which i did not.. taste i mean..). I also sprinkle a bit of tabasco sauce, thinking it might made it taste better…..


Doesn’t it look nice? One of my best masterpiece, even if i say so myself (masuk bakul, angkat sendiri. Masalah nya ada ke bakul yang boleh memuatkan akuuuuuu) and you know……. I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!


Sigh….. looks good isn’t it? Just like a nice, hot, super spicy plate of nasi goreng. Here’s the truth (or the made-up truth, you just never know with me…), the quinoa, on it’s own, after being cooked in chicken broth, tasted not bad, i can even give *** stars. It doesn’t taste like rice, it’s crunchy or al-dente and it’s got a nutty taste. The ingredients i used for the salad however, made it taste like a sourish, icky grainy lemony thingy. Yup… i couldn’t finish the salad because of the wrong combination. I finish the quinoa, avocados and dried apricots but i find the spring onions taste too strong for my liking and next time i need to less the lemon juice and no need to waste my perfect tomato…. There’s a million of other things i could do with quinoa and since i still have a bagfull, i think i will experiment, doing the sweet stuffs…(alasan…memang dah tentu suka makan desserts.. heh heh..). I wish the camera is with me all the time so i can document my failure or TRIUMPH!


See ya!

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  1. weh, tu hari malaysian women’s weekly do few pages recipes just on quinoa.. aku ada gak nak cuba but haven’t yet.. :)

  2. beb, kau kalau nak cuba tak payah beli, aku boleh bagi kau separuh aku punye stock… rugi jek beli, it is an aquired taste (untuk tekak melayu macam kita2 ni..)….

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