Katak mati pegang tilam

Katak mati pegang tilam

Petang tadi balik kerja hujan lebat gilers kat JB town. Macam mini ribut with the strong wind and heavy downpour….. BUT STILL…. orang kita as in not malay, indian or chinese or lain2 but 1Malaysia, can’t be bothered to switch on the car headlights. Tak paham lah…. kepala otak mereka ni, bukan nye kena bayar electric bill pun. It’s dangerous because you can’t see more than 20 metres in front of you and it would help a lot if the car in front got some lights on…. Ish! Lagi satu, kenapa diaorang tak suka guna signal lights? It’s not like you have to move heaven and earth to turn it on, just flick of the wrists but still…… no signal lights, sudden break to turn left and right without any regards to the car following behind…. Benci!

This morning, someone did not want to stop at the STOP sign and almost hit me, head on collision ok..? I don’t know what the guy was thinking la… Pagi2 sudah spoil mood orang lain…. atau pun orang yang drive sangat slowwww, 30 km per hour during morning rush hour…. haish! Benci! Kalau komplen pasal driving attitudes of Malaysian drivers memang tak akan ada ending la, mostly semuanya hernia and highblood pressure inducing jek…

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