Kamera aku dah koma…

Kamera aku dah koma…

Sometime in the middle of last week was en. laki’s birthday and i took the day off to spend it with him. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary just spending time together going to the mall, watch a movie and just hanging out. I think our date was a success because we didn’t have our usual spat and neither of us was sulking at the end of the day, unusual! The day was spent by eating, shopping and more eating, happiness!

My sucky stylus olympus is at the shop AGAIN… this is the 4th time that damn camera went kaput on me. The first time IT (sucky the camera) went dead, was when we came back from Tioman where it spend a great deal of time under water taking baby sargeants pictures..


En. laki blamed me for that death, he said the camera was not designed for salt water bla, bla, bla…. malas nak dengar… My argument is this, if the camera is not supposed to be used underSEAwater then the manufacturer should have had some fine prints printed somewhere that state this RIGHT? I didn’t find any statement saying not to use it at sea, not on the box, on the manual or other booklets that came with the camera! So now, everytime sucky acts up or if i complain about sucky sub-standard performance, en. laki will start to nag until my ears bleed as if its my fault that camera is faulty! Sigh….. this time there ‘s something wrong with the LCD light so the screen is black, maybe i should upgrade to a DSLR? wink, wink!

Pictures from our outing, of course this is from en. laki’s big boy which i was tinkering with.. (yucks that sounded so lucah..) camera dia lah!


Opera cake, very sweet! I don’t like it but because it was RM7 or RM8 (can’t remember), i finished 3/4 of it before giving in andĀ  en. laki volunteered to finish it off….


The free almond biscotti that came with our coffee which surprised me. Since i was feeling a bit nauseous from the opera cake, i also forced en. laki to take the biscotti and put it in the camera bag…. sendiri nak ambik malu kan, takut orang cakap tengok makcik gemuk tu, tamak simpan biscotti dalam handbeg… en. laki tak pe dia keding..so he needs the extra sugar, eventhough i snarfed all of the biscotti by myself and didn’t offer any to him… hehe… btw, i don’t understand the hype surroundingĀ  biscotti, it taste just like cookies to me…


I love this kind of ambience and i said to en. laki that if we ever do decide to get a house i want to have this kind of ambience for our home. He looks at me and started telling how expensive everything is… boring kan? Tak de imaginasi laki aku tu…

We went to another shopping mall after this and ate at Seas0ns. I had the 49ers fish burger or something like that (can’t remember the name) and en. laki had ..what else the teriyaki spaghetti (i told ya, he’s got no imagination, once hooked on something, he will not changed his mind sampai muntah la). I had food pictures taken with the olympus but i can’t dowload them because the card reader can’t read the memory card, sigh… hassle betul camera tu but i tell you, the fish burgers were D BOMB! Sangat sedap!!

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