Today is just not my day….

I’m on leave but someone from the office called me more than 15 times this morning because she thought i was absent. MORE THAN 15 times, ok… I didn’t know why i don’t just picked up the phone and tell the psycho that i was on leave. As a result, the searing pain i had in my head since last night lasted all day. When i finally picked up the phone and tell the psycho that i was on leave, she actually tried to play mind games and tell me that my boss didn’t know that i was on leave….. sigh….! When i told her that my leave was approved by the boss about a week ago, she asked why didn’t i fill in the leave roster? The same leave roster that i had asked her to verified for my leave a few months back and she told me not to use it anymore because everything is done online now (because she doesn’t want to sign it..) Such a JOY to work with….I am so bloody angry with the stupid biatch, that my head still feels like exploding, right at this minute as i am writing this….

Today is just not my day…

I just spent the whole day sleeping and trying to nurse my throbbing head and it didn’t go away…

Today is just not my day…..

when my bloody cat, squirt/urinate on my legs while i was standing in front of the opened refrigerator and then walk away like i was some fat dead trump of a wood at the side of the road…..and i didn’t have the energy to be angry at him..

Today is just not my day…..

when i dropped the fucking dslr and now..the lens is not working and i might have to replace it….. huwaaaaa  :(   NOBODY in their right mind drops a dslr for fun! I am still having a heart attack right now…. It was an accident!

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  1. kikikiki…sabolah ah kak…
    dugaan namenye tu…

    smalam p makan nan arep lagi best..
    kua kol 6 lebeh..carik pat makan kat kenny rogers Tebrau City kene tunggu 1 jam,pastu lepas 1jam dtg lagi, kene tunggu lagi 30 min..blah p bukit indah plak..

    sampai sane kite dah duduk dah..waitress tu kate ayam tak cukup nak bagi beruk2 makan..so untuk kite tade..blah dengan ati sedey,
    nak makan kat tepian tebrau,raaamaaaii beruk

    pastu berger petronas tutup,lc tutup,juare tutup..beruk2 cuti..lastly makan kat uda medan selere, order 2 kuew teaw goreng basah dapat satu..arep dah sedey,seb baik order satay..kalau tak..ngamuk org tua tu..hahahaha

    naseb tak berape nak baik lah..kikiki…

    tapi part kucing kencing kat kaki ah kak tu tak bleh blahh lahhh..kakakakakakak

  2. ketawa ko eh…. Ko tau tak kucing yg mana yg mencemar duli aku tu? Kesayangan ko tu lah… Asik memancut je keja dia… Baik ko hantar cepat kat klinik tu sebelum aku sendiri yg sunat kontol dia yg lagi sebelah tu…. Hhhmmm…. Sabo je lah dgn kucing rabun tu…

  3. helleh…papang tade die jugek yg jerit panggill…
    poyo (pe’el org yang over)…hahahahhahaa

  4. pala otak ko terbaik! Baik hantar balik kat vet tu, aku dah tahan dia asik mancut jek.. Ko tak kena boleh lah ketawa… Kat atas ni dah berapa kali dia tinggalkan ‘watermark’ dia yang wangi tu…

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