I’m That Fat Girl….

I’m That Fat Girl….


I just came back from a brief sojourn in Tioman. Tioman as always is beautiful but this time i didn’t really enjoyed myself (not!  if judging from my sunburned face and body though..) We chose to go on the weekday because i can’t deal with the weekend crowds. It was  smooth sailing, we got to seat next to a friendly chatty brit, en. laki had a llloong chat with him about fishing (en. laki’s fault by the way) and i love eavesdropping bits of their conversations. He told us that he’s been coming to Malaysia for 40 years and how beautiful the island back then. It’s fascinating to listen to him.

Here’s a picture of me lying on the beach like a beached whale while reading…… not the most attractive side of me and i am showing it to you guys!


Come to think of it, i look like a giant kerepok lekor or a giant bantal busuk…. take your pick, i’m not picky…. I am in one of my dark moods. You know, where i am being negative at everything and everyone, and some people would just clicked and shake their heads and say, i told ya, sumthing not quite right with that bitch…. Anyway, this was what i was reading and i don’t care if people say that it’s a chick flick. So what?! That’s  one of the books that i enjoy reading, i am a chick and i love chick flicks, go fuck yourselves if you think chick flicks are beneath you…. Sorry… emotional meltdown there…


So… apt, don’t ya think? The fat reading the fat chick flick??? Oh yeah, don’t go making wild assumptions that all is not well between en. laki and me, everything’s swell. We were on Tioman to celebrate our wedding anniversary and i am still just as madly in love with him the day we met those years ago AND just plain MAD at him  when he does something to annoy me.. No problems there, business as usual…


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