Idiots i encountered and why i have migraines..

Idiots i encountered and why i have migraines..

*Another rant/bitching post. You have been warned.

This week has been a miserable week for me. It’s been an endless encounter with stupid people, and it’s taking it’s toll on me. I have a migraine that does not want to go away no matter how many painkillers i took. Just now when i went to TRY to find a parking space near my office building i met one such idiot. The space was enough for two cars but this taxi was parked not quite in the middle which still give the impression that one car can still fit in that tight space. Since i was pressed for time and truthfully cannot be bothered to make the round to find any other parking space i just tried to squeeze in. At one point, it did look like i almost rammed into the idiot’s car but give me a break, side parking is my forte, i love the challenge and i wouldn’t hit his bloody car.. so he was making some noise and standing there watching me park like some stupid ugly statue. Then after watching me struggling for 2-3  minutes, he got inside his taxi. I thought, whew.. finally, i’ll have the space i need, since he’s leaving, right..? Wrong.. you know what the stupid fucking taxi driver did? He get into his ugly and i suspect smelly cab and sit there fumbling with i don’t know what. He just sits there for about 5 minutes! Who does that?! He knows i’m trying to park, he knows he parks in the middle of two parking space and he sits there and watch me like a bloody idiot! I got really angry and wanted to just park, to hell with the funny angle and my car looking like it’s about to jump into traffic, when he honk at me! He bloody honked at me! He got all this space behind him and he honked because to him i was blocking his front, he didn’t want to reverse! @!*&%#^ stupid arse !!!!!!

Needless to say that i did get my parking space but i am also still shaking with anger. I curse that idiot and his smelly cab, may you have no passenger today and tomorrow and the day after.  And may your bloody tyres blow on you in a dark desserted place. There, i’ve said it.

The office is having some big shot management guy coming in for… i don’t know.. spot check? So, everyone is drilled to cleaned up their desks and all files and other crap must be hidden from view. Our desks are supposed to be clear, files, papers, EVERYTHING must be HIDDEN. Get this, even the dustbins is to be hidden from plain sight. So now, everytime i want to throw away my rubbish, i have to wander around looking for the bloody dustbin. Such hypocrasy!  When you have work to do, there’s bound to be paperwork on your desk. You would worry when the table is really clear because that means you have nothing to do. As for the dustbins, face it, humans make tons of crap everyday, who are my bosses trying to kid? Just because you hide the dustbins doesn’t mean you don’t have crap lying around somewhere… and since when does hiding dustbins and files is considered a good working habit?  

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