Hurray for the Yeti…

Hurray for the Yeti…

Last week, we went to the movies to watch The Mummy, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. This movie sucks! I was duped! I watched the trailer and saw all the big Hong KONG Stars like Jet Li, Anthony Wong and Michele Yeoh and thought that it would be filled with action kick ass moves but i was so dissapointed. The film start with a narration about the evil emperor and his quest for immortality. This is where you get to see Russell Wong as General Ming, The emperor’s (Jet Li) right hand man. What the hell happen to Russell Wong? He looked ragged, i almost didn’t recognize him. I remembered watching the Joy Luck Club and the Vanishing Son and having a crush on him because he was so sexy but in the dragon tomb he looked tired. Is it because he’s older now? Wow.. age sure is not forgiving on this man. HELLO… Mr. Russel… ever heard of anti-aging serum? Ironic isn’t it that he’s in a movie that is obsess with the elixir of life? I hope he doesn’t go under the knife though, i’d hate to see my secret crush turned into another Mickey Rouke (?).. you know,  the guy who was in 9 1/2 weeks with that lady that used to be married to Alec Baldwin..what’s her name? 😛  Having said that, i’d still rub globs of cream on Russell’s face. Pepaws can be sexy too… hahaha….

Anyway, then the movie starts to merepek to the lives of Rick and  Evelyn who foolishly promises each other that they would retire after the war, thus having a very mundane life. I never realise that Brendan Frasier is actually NOT handsome and he looked… old, in fact, why the hell does everyone in this movie looks so old and tired? and why did they have to cast Maria Bello as Evelyn? If you remember, she was in the TV series of Mr & Mrs Smith and Coyote Ugly, as the bar mistress (stupid movie, stupid lines, clearance sale acting….) Well in this film she’s supposed to be a Brit but speaks in a horrible british accent. Who were the producers trying to kid? (Aku yang bukan omputeh ni pun nak torek telinga dengar, apa lagi omputeh betul..) I have malay friends who’s more British than this actress who is paid big moolah and i believe who must have had a voice coach. Come on lah… I pay big money to watch second rate acting? Err.. sorry, ter’emo’ plak.. Anyway the movie escalates downwards from hereon. Luke Ford who played Alex, Rick and Evelyn’s son, is so seriously miscast. He doesn’t have that chemistry with Brendan and Maria, it was hard to believe Alex was their son. In fact every actor in this movie acted badly, save for the Hong Kong stars, they were good. I was so bored, i was tempted to talk hubby to just walk out of the show. Punyalah membosankan. The only star of this movie i can honestly say are the YETIs or the abominable snowman. Seriously, they stole the show from the old and tired humans. It’s a pity their screen presence was short-lived. I like them!

So, there you have it, my review of this movie called; THE MUMMY, TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR. Better save your money to watch SUSUK.. premiering on the 7th August. I watched the making of.. and it sure looked scary. And the cast is promising too, Sofia Jane and Ida Nerina, sure syiok one!

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