Homemade Butter

Homemade Butter


I made butter today…. yes butter, the thing where you can easily shelled out RM7++ to get at the store… Why? because i wanted to have buttermilk and also because i have an opened box of cream lying around in the fridge collecting dust…(haha.. ada ke dust inside the fridge?)

I start with 500 ml of whipping cream and over whipped it … easy…

You will end up with … butter and butter milk…

My 500ml of whipping cream yield 180gms of pure butter and about 200 ml of buttermilk. To be honest though, since i seldom use butter in my cooking, except for baking, i don’t see myself making this often eventhough it’s easy. Cleaning up afterwards is a bitch because everything i touch was oily and being a middle class malay household in Malaysia, we don’t have a dishwasher. Everything had to be washed by hand! I had to boil water to get rid of the slick oil. More work for me, so… NO, i think i’ll just fork out the RM7++ if i want to eat pure butter. AND…. if you don’t have a splash guard for your mixer, forewarning, the buttermilk splashes everywhere and i HAD a splashguard… but Good Luck though because you will have an excellent pure butter in hands… 😀

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  1. weh didnt know that’s how u make butter, yippie, kat peti ais pun skang ada whipping cream, but no splash guard kat mixer murahan aku..

  2. yup, easy peasy. Kalau tak de splash guard boleh pakai kitchen towel tutup mixer ko tu nok.. tapi aku memang tak rela masa nak mengemas, berminyak all over the place… ke aku memang clumsy? muahahaha…

  3. hi

    i ve experienced twice when suddenly while beating the whipping cream it became like this..i was so panicked and frustrated and threw it away..

    will this happen if we overwhip fresh cream as well? this happened to me when i used uht whipping cream for tiramisu.

    so ideally how long to beat the whipping cream?

    need your favor to reply to my emel above. tqsm

  4. Maklong,

    Ideally, you should stop whipping your cream 1-2 mins after it thickens, more than that and it becomes butter. I’m sorry but i’ve never really timed myself whipping cream, but it really depends on the make of your mixer. Just to be safe, you have to check after 5 mins and keep an eye on it.
    In case you OVERwhipped your cream, don’t throw it away, sayang kak, you should wash it with water, until the water becomes somewhat clear and you’ll have fresh homemade butter. Whipping cream/fresh cream will produce butter. Here’s more info kak —> http://www.motherearthnews.com/Real-Food/2007-09-01/How-to-Make-Butter-at-Home.aspx

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