I was trawling the internet looking for crap when i went to trip advisor and look up a favourite place of ours in Pulau Tioman. I read some of the complaints on the place and i can’t help but feel angry at the ignorance of these people. They complained that the place is crap, the service is lousy, the food is crap, that they have a small pool of sewage/drain water in front of the place, going directly into the sea, there’s no nightlife, there’s no place to drink alcohol, the beach is filled with broken glass and dirty, yada, yada, yada! They did however agree on one thing and that is the view from this place is breathtaking….

Ok, first of all, for you, tourists coming in from more ‘DEVELOPED’ countries, Singapore included, guess what? You’re not in Kansas anymore! You’re in Malaysia. Stop complaining about how everything is not like how you are used to or how it was in Thailand or the Carribean or anywhere else that you’ve been! Because you’re not there! Learn to adapt, why don’t you? If you want to party in Tioman or if you can’t live without your beer, or scotch or wine (you have to b.y.o because you won’t get a decent bottle in these backpackers place) i suggest you go to SALANG or ABC or stay put, where you are… If you want the vibes of the moonlight party of koh samui, i can guarantee you won’t find it on the islands of Malaysia…..not like the ones in Thailand, you’re better off there. ┬áIf you pay RM115 or USD30, don’t complaint about service, it’s not 5 stars. It’s not the Four seasons. I doubt the hotels in your country that costs USD30 gives service like the burj and have service staff who smile like sunshine all the time…

This place sits on a private piece of land, a private bay. It is owned by the family that runs the inn, of course there will be only ONE resort and ONE restaurant and ONE convenient store. Whaddya expect?! As for the stains on the bedsheet, it is unfortunate that the previous tenant, ie, tourists, just like you, is a moron but it was freshly laundered, was it not? Or was it still smelling funky? Sands in your rooms? Duh…. you’re on an island, sand is everywhere. If they won’t clean your room, demand for a broom and sweep it your self. I admit the staff are a bit slow but that’s just the way the islanders are and where are you rushing off to anyway? At least they’re not hustling you for money. If you take the time to talk to them like human beings, you’ll find that they are friendly and kinda helpful. As for the beach having broken glass, i have found the odd broken glass and took it to shore to be buried safely. I’ve seen how some people stomping in the water like they’re in a STOMP concert and it’s no wonder you’ll get hurt by whatever that’s on the seabed. Food on any island tend to be a little on the expensive side, that’s the side effect. AND since the owners are Malays, the food is of course based on the Malay menu, even the western dishes have that malay flair thrown into it. It’s not gastronomic wonders but you won’t go to bed hungry. I’m done defending my little heaven on earth. As far as i’m concern, if you don’t like it, you can go back under the rock you came from, just don’t stop others from experiencing it.

Come here is you want to get away from the city life, it is secluded, it is rustic and basic, there’s nothing to do but read, daydream and snorkel, the nights are early and quiet and sometimes eerie, the beach is small, the water warm, it is not perfect and yet it feels like heaven on earth….

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