Satu hari tu, rasa bosan tak boleh tahan, tak de mood betul nak makan… nasi (makan nasi je, makan menatang lain buleehh..) Sekali ternampak kat tv diaorang tengah cakap pasal makanan jepun, makan sushi ke apa and then sambil berderma… macam tu lah lebih kurang dianyer gist, terus terpancar mentol atas kepala gue…. NAK MAKAN SUSHI LAH!… Paksa paksa ada orang tu suruh teman and ikut…. hehehe…

Dah makan 2 pinggan baru teringat nak ambek gambor…. 😛

Menatang macam fishball tapi bukan fishball tau… ntah ball sape lah agaknya…sedap tapi selepas makan sebiji ball terus macam muak..sebab tak de cili sos…(motip, makan sushi nak ada cili sos..?)

Salmon sushi ne…. bukan smoked salmon, yang biasa, mentah… First time, seumur hidup, baru makan… i thought it would be disgusting but i was pleasantly surprised. Tak de lah sedap sangat but it was smooth, lemak and tak hanyir… Masa mula2 nak makan tu, siap main acah2 dgn my lunch date, u first, no u first…. hahaha last2 bila dah makan, masing2 buat muka poyo je, macam ek eleh… no big deal pun….. (kan? macam nak tampor2..)

My date’s lunch, mee soba with kicap cair. I can’t remember the dishes names ok, sue me… like i can speak japanese… to me everything was drenched in light soy sauce…. he :D… tak sedap! maybe tekak aku tak boleh terima this kind of food kot..?

This is the side dishes of the above soba kicap, a beautiful plate of vegetable tempura and one lonely prawn tempura. I love the vegetables tempura…. would be nicer if i have something other than kicap cair to cicah it with…. (i know, i know…)

Ini ialah yours truly punya lunch, udon in kicap cair with thin slices of beef. TAK SEDAAPPP jugak! I like the beef slices, i like the tofu, the mushroom and most of all the spring onion because of the pungency kick it gives but i DO NOT LIKE the udon. Is it supposed to taste like over soaked spongey thing? Yuckh! No more udon for me in this restaurant….

Overall experience was not a bad one eventhough i hated our main course. I did love the sushis, especially the boiled eggs with crab meat on top, the chikurage? AND i had my first raw salmon sushi but if you asked if i want to repeat my experience, i’ll take a rain check…

Arigato gozaimasss…..

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