Girly Butch…

Girly Butch…

I know someone who looks like a butch but is really girly inside. I guess if she’s britney, she’d sing i’m not a girl…. and make millions…… well maybe not. Seriously though, i used to think that she’s gay, seeing the way she lived her life dressed like a man or tomboi and even has a girlfriend. When confronted though, surprisingly, she said she’s not gay and find the idea of carpet munching ~ disgusting. She tried to but obviously doesn’t have the balls to go through with it. She also admits that she would like to have a ‘normal’ relationship, i.e with a man but seeing that she herself looks like a man (albeit with very big boobs) no straight, hot blooded man wold give her the time of day.

I feel sorry for her. It must be very lonely, she wants what everybody wants which is, to be loved unconditionally and yet the simple act of loving (a man), proves to be the most difficult thing to achieve. Personally, if it’s not because of religious issues, i think she should just accept love when she’s offered one. Even if the one who is offering doesn’t have a penis, carpet munching issues pushed aside ~ love is not just about lust… 😀

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