Giant Hyermarket in JB suck! Sacher cake and thosei anyone?

Giant Hyermarket in JB suck! Sacher cake and thosei anyone?

I have a love and hate relationship with Giant, you know the hypermarket that’s sprouting like mushroom [poisonous one pulak tu..] after the rain all over Malaysia. Well, it’s not an actually love for Giant [the hypermarket], just love spending money on things that i don’t need… or cook… but my hatred for the people who work there is genuine though. Specifically, the checker, the cashier supervisor, the guards ~ sitting at the entrance and at the end of the cashier till. I hate them all.

This goes back about 4 years ago [brace yourself dengar aku membebel], when i didn’t have much money [still don’t] and is always on the lookout for cheap stuff [still do]. I had a portable gas stove that uses those disposable canisters [i know, i know… not earth friendly and stuff but i was desperate ok..?] and each of those little suckers would set me back around RM8-9 per can and it would last about three days depending on how often i cook {which is often since.. hello? aku kan kuat makan..]. That would mean about roughly RM72 a month. Expensive…. For me at least. 

Well, one day, during those last week of the month when the pocket is dry, i went to Giant to buy the bloody gas can. The free brochure that they [meaning Giant’s marketing people] sent to my house said that the blood sucking can was for sale at RM7.99. Just the right moment too because mine ran out. So i went there, drove around looking for a place to park went inside, find the bloody can and a few other items and proceed to pay. Easy right..? Wrong! When the bloody cashier scan my items, the total was more than what i calculated! It was way more than what i had in my wallet! The guy i was with at the time [big jerk] panic and left me there wondering what the hell i bought that made the total bill that high. Did i mentioned HE JUST LEFT ME THERE, without saying a  word and i didn’t have enough money to pay? JERK! It’s good that i held my composure and told the cashier to take a few stuff out of my shopping bag. When i paid and about to leave, i took a look at the bill and saw that they charge the can at RM17.00, about RM10 extra. So, i went up to the cashier and ask him nicely, why the discrepancy in the bill and he suddenly got an attitude and said ‘kalau dah scan keluar harga tu, harga tu lah’ Ehhh…! Ini sudah membuat makcik ini bertukar menjadi singa, i said ‘ mana boleh, dalam brochure tulis harga lain, bila scan harga lain!’ They boy made an annoyed face and call for his supervisor and said ‘ ni hah! dia kata harga barang ni lain..’ Voleh? berkata-kata begitu di hadapan ku? Vavi sungguh! And the supervisor also no different. She told me ‘what’s the problem, if that’s the scan price then just pay la..’ I think my eyes got that crazy look in them because she grudgingly said ‘ok i check kejap’..’ Kepala hotak dia! Lepas tu.. bila dia dah pergi check price manual dia and was proven that i was right, she still had the gall to tell me to just take two of those canisters because it’s a win-win situation. What  the fuck..! I said, no.. i wanted to buy only one and i would like my money back please. The supervisor’s face was so muncung and she write her void report while making annoyed noises… Boleh ka..? Ini kah cara Giant mendidik pekerja mereka? I paid with MY money you know, i didn’t ask for charity.

This has happen to me three more times involving price discrepancy and their unwillingness to go and confirm their pricing. Of course not all the same item lah.. One item was a small box of fresh cream, the price display was RM3.99 the scan price was RM5.79, then the same gas can, same price difference, the last one was about a blouse, the price display was RM9.90 and the scan price was RM 14.90. When i ask the cashier, isn’t that RM9.90? He just shrugs his shoulder and say ‘dunno’.. i told him ‘ you can’t say dunno, go and find out. Do you expect me to go and check the price for you?’ When he calls his supervisor, an ugly, big fat girl [ i said this because people like her give a bad name for other fat and big people {yes, including me} everywhere, because fat = lazy, dumb bitch] who seemed to have trouble moving, she told me the same things ‘you must’ve look at the wrong price, maybe the display said 9.90 to 14.90, do you still want this blouse, do you still want this blouse [ she asks me twice, like i’m slow or something..]…’  I got really fed-up and told her, ‘it’s ok you can keep that blouse, i don’t have time for this’. This time it’s not because i don’t have money, it’s because i fucking hate and fed-up with their attitude. I vowed at that moment that, unless, i’d die a horrible death with blood coming out of my asshole if i don’t buy that particular stuff, i WILL NOT shop at Giant anymore. Period.  

I encountered the same problem at Jusco, and i was surprised when the supervisor, said ‘Sorry, can you wait for a while, while i check this out..?’ See… the difference.. it didn’t make me pop a blood vessel. I think Giant’s HR people could learn a thing or two from Jusco. GIANT SUCKS!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE END ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is a picture of sacher cake i made for bf’s colleague………. for free [conniving bastard]. You, who just celebrated your birthday, feast your eyes on this first huh…


if you don’t feel like sacher cake, how about some thosei..? I know you love them…..


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  1. heheheheh…itu nostalgia with GIANT sungguh vavis kan????

    uwaaaa itu kek sangatlah menggoda mata dan pewotku…tosei aku takmoh..boring beb.tapi kalau kau belanja apalah salahnya..rejeki jgn ditolak kelak merana pewot..huhuhuhuhu

  2. yess… nostalgia GIANT itu sungguh vavis.. fooki dan yang sewaktu dengan nya.. sebab dia boleh belah je tak cakap apa pun… kote tak cukup sifat punyer manusia…

    huh.. boring kunon… pastu oder dua..

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