Get this bug away from meeee…!!!!

Get this bug away from meeee…!!!!

Last week, mr. hubby was down with a fever. Since men in general became cry babies when they’re sick, mr. hubby is not excluded. He did not want to go to work, citing his body is aching all over, he feels giddy etc… so off we went to the panel doctor and he got his mc. [This happened on friday] With 2 days off during the weekend which any other normal sane person would be doing,recuperating,┬ámr. hubby went fishing with his buddies! Fishing!┬áCome monday, mr. hubby insists that he’s still not well, conveniently forgetting that he had spent the days before fishing for 9 hours with his buddy! Pergi keja, sakit, pergi mancing, tak sakit pulak! Panel doctor here we come, but to my very dismay, the doctor was not in! The nurse asks us to come back in the evening for consultation. So that evening, i went to the clinic and guess what? no doctor..! We had to go to another clinic that was 40km away. What?! With the oil prices hike recently, 40km out of the way is too much for my already tight budget and i told mr. hubby that i’m expecting a reimbursement later in the month [fat hope..!]. When we get there, the doctor is in, did all the necessary check-up got his mc and guess what?? Mr. hubby had to go for a blood screening the next day because the doctor suspect he has dengue fever. Hummph! Really a good actor, that one, mr hubby!

Last night, my throat had that itchy feeling, i kept hacking like an old hyena. Sudah… I think whatever mr. hubby had [viral flu, i think] is latching on to me…. Boring nyer… my body is in the cold-warm-cold-warm stage, joints aching. I’m feeling woozy and tomorrow, how i wish i can get an mc and shove it up my superior’s a**hole! Haaa!


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  1. issskkk best actor laki ko tu…tapi memang musim denggikan? kau tu take care tau..

    takpun tulah namanya demam pengantin baru..hik..hik..hik..

  2. tak de makna nya demam pengantin baru… tu demam malas nama nya… dia memang demam, panas nak rak tapi degil nak makan ubat.. nak buat camne? Yang dia buat voluntarily is MEMANCING… tensen aku..

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