Flippity flap is the sound of lul~laby..

Flippity flap is the sound of lul~laby..

A few weeks ago,  I went camping with my siblings, their other half’s and bf. You should know that I don’t own a single camping gear. The following is the conversation I had with bf regarding this;






Bf        : You do realize we don’t have a tent?

Me       : so..?

Bf        : where do you plan to sleep?

Me       : *shrugged* outside lah.. why..? That place is not keras* (haunted i.e I’m not going to see any ghosts) right? Where were you planning to sleep?

Bf        : In the car..

Me       : What..?? Don’t be silly, sleep with me outside, it would be romantic… sleeping under the stars….

Bf        : *scoffs* hhmm.. right..




So we went camping, tent~less. Because karma is being bitchy though, the day when we went there, the sky was gray and it looked like it was going to rain. My minions were planning their protests, but I held my ground. Besides I had lamb and chicken marinating and ready to be barbequed by the river. Do you know how time consuming cleaning 4 kg of lamb chop is?  I am not about to let gray sky and a little wind deter me. While the minions were busy setting up their little tents and fire for the bbq, the wind was blowing ‘ever so gently’ and bf looks at me and said, ‘still think it’s a good idea to sleep outside?’ and me being stubborn as a mule said ‘Sure.. it would be fun.. don’t worry’. That night, the wind was howling and rain was pouring, my leg was cramp because it was so cold and still when bf asks, ‘why don’t we sleep in the car?’ I said, ‘don’t be silly, we’ll be fine… it’s fun..’.





 Huh… yeah.. fun…. Around 2 or 3 in the morning, I woke bf up and ask him to accompany me to go pee behind some old fallen trunk overlooking the river, priceless moment. The wind howling, it’s cold and wet, walking on cold sand, me flashing my coochies at the river… and when I was done guess who I met on the way up… (no not a sundal malam..) but my future sis-in-law and my brother holding a tupperware of water.. he he.. Anyways.. I had a hard time sleeping that night, and it’s not because it was cold, or because there’s mosquitoes ( I don’t think they stand a chance against the wind.. it was that strong..), not even the cold, hard ground or the sound of snoring which sounded like hundres of tiny-little frogs. I couldn’t stand the sound of the canvas that we was using as our canopy. Since the wind was really strong, the canvas bits was flip flapping in the wind and it sounded like it was going to fall at any given time. It’s hard to get to sleep when your roof sounded like it’s going to fall on your head innit..? So, I woke bf up, again (and I felt sorry for doing this), ask him to sleep in the car because I cannot stand the flip flap of the canvas.. and you know what he said, ‘Now you know how it feels like  ……………….. when YOU snore..’ Bastard….


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