Filled to the brim with this vitamin ‘L’~aziness…

Filled to the brim with this vitamin ‘L’~aziness…

Gosh my last update was on the 14th… and today it’s the 31st and tomorrow… MY GOD… is FEBRUARY!… Ok.. i was being over dramatic but to be honest apart from being lazy i just have nothing to blog or have anything worthy to put in a journal. I did went to Melaka during Thaipussam which was a spontaneous action that i forgot to take along the camera and also conveniently forget that Melaka is like 2.5 hours drive from JB. Anyway.. i’m here to tell you that i didn’t die or anything… i just don’t have anything interesting to blog about..

I see that my attempt at sharing these cakes recipes are not really fruitous (errkk??) since who would want my crappy recipes anyway… So i have decided that i would just post the pictures to tantalise your eyelids and not provide the recipes because it’s so troublesome. Next week will the Chinese New Year Celebrations. So i would like to wish all those who celebrates it ; Gong Xi Fa Chai!

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