Don’t hate me cause i’m beautifool…

Don’t hate me cause i’m beautifool…

Sambungan from last post..

I found these two beronggeng kat garden. The white gegirl is mine, that very handsome fella is the new neighbour’s cat.

The resident thug. Nampak aku pegang camera baru nak pergi investigate lah kunon.. Padahal dari tadi mengintip dua ekor tu.. Pervert..! Oh, by the way, white gegirl has a deadly crush on resident thug. Sadly it’s not reciprocated, in fact, resident thug would chase her away and bite her whenever he got the chance, hence the death crush. Setan!

uh oh… gotta go baby! Resident thug’s coming..

I’ll call ya babe, that is if thuggie there don’t shred me…

heh heh… ggggrrrrrrr!!!!!

Better lay low and plan my escape… geez.. things i do to get laid…

Are you gonna rat me out to thuggie ..???

Here goes nothing… live to let live, die, die, die………… This is Sparttaaaaaaaaaa!

Bendot, the kepohci…. ‘what’s up, what’s up, aper citer, aper citer…?’

The supreme queen looks on…. ‘tsk, tsk!’

* Handsome fella is really beautiful. Since he’s afraid of me i couldn’t take a close up photo of him. These pictures don’t do justice to the beautiful markings on his fur…..

** Confirmed, pintal girl and partner are newlyweds. Patutlah.. macam nak jump on the husband kat sofa tu… ish, ish… (god!… i sound macam makcik-makcik!)

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  1. hehehehe…macam pengarah drama siot…

    tak abis2 lagi pasal couple pintal tu.ekekekekek nasib baik dia..kalau aku????

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