Discount Bin Menu ~ Jus Alpukat

Discount Bin Menu ~ Jus Alpukat

I love avacados but because they’re usually so expensive around here, i never bought them.  A few weeks ago, while i was browsing in the supermarket i happened to spy some avacados in the discount bin. Closer inspection revealed that they were still ok albeit a little soft and it was selling for RM2+ for 2 pcs compared to the usual price of RM5+, i grabbed them. I was dying to drink avocado juice, you know, the kind you get from the indonesian restaurants but cost a bomb?

I made these using low fat milk, a little ice and a few spoon fulls of evaporated milk and 2 avocados ~ blended. Then i melted some chocolate to ‘dress’ the glass. The taste was extremely satisfying.


I am so not happy with the way the pictures turn out, since the computer was murdered, all my pictures and file were destroyed. I took these using en. laki’s camera but it’s just not the same anymore because i can’t edit the pictures the way i want and i had to take it hurriedly and adjust to his timetable… it sucks when you have to borrow other people’s stuff!

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