Dalam Ribut Ada Pelangi @ Rainbow in storm….

Dalam Ribut Ada Pelangi @ Rainbow in storm….

Tomorrow is my birthday and instead of being with me, en. laki is off  somewhere doing his stuff.  I try to be understanding because it is work but when i heard him telling me he’s going off this morning, my heart became heavy with sadness at first and then i become mad like hell! I am still mad like hell and in protest! Huh! Some birthday present sayang!!!

Luckily my friend sent me a picture of this chubbyheaven, so i guess i’m good….


My dreams are sometimes filled with her…nyum, nyum!

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  1. mmmmmmmmmm,
    bebi itu sgt comel

    happy birthday puan julie, i think u’re a great person with funny bones sana sini in yer body, i had fun knowing bout yer blog and ofkos reading it everytime u have time writing new entry.

    i hope there’s many years more to come for u to have a glorious life.


  2. selamat hari jadi kepada seorang yang kelakar namun agak sadis kerana merasakan goreng kucing adalah comel, hihi… :)

  3. Selamat Panjang Umur Murah Rezeki…..semoga mendapat keberkatan dalam hidup….mmuuahhh luv u beb

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