Daily activities

Daily activities

I really admire people who update their blog regularly.  It takes an enourmous creativity to write about something mundane and turn it into a witty anecdote that others would want to read. Anyway, i have been lazy these couple (?) of weeks which explains the lack of a lot of things. Went to the movies a few times. Watched : 


 WANTED – a must see – Angelina Jolie wwoi! Even if it is a story about a fraternity of killers that kills – based on a piece of cloth, which is stupid. Angelina Jolie kinda make up for it, she’s one cool and HOT mama! You know what i mean. I think she’s hotter now that she’s a mother (congratulations on the twins btw!)  than when she was younger or when she was with that Billy Bob guy.


HANCOCK – had so much potential but the plots and story seemed incomplete and rushed. Lots of holes and questions left unanswered. If only they had spent more time on the storyline, it could be brilliant. The CGI effect is great and Charlize Theron, what can i say, amazingly beautiful laddee…


HELLBOY II – ending was a dissapointment, they built up your anticipation and then bzzxxtt….. such an anti-climax. To be honest though, this sequel is not as hot as the first one but since the director is the guy who also directed PAN LABYRYNTH, it has lots more freaky creatures to feast your eyes on. The golden army – huh – did not even make me bat an eye lid. So ‘tidak gagah perkasa lagi menggerunkan’ infact it looked a lot like a round fumbly toy… a toy that can repair itself when it’s broken… THAT (process – when the army re-assemble it self) was cool.. The rest of the cast looked like it was given a make over. Red is still red but looks so obnoxious that it’s funny, Fishtick looked bluer than before. Liz looked hot, cool hair, cooler outfit, still cheesy lines. The bald guy was not funny and at certain point was dispensable.

That’s enough on my reviewing skill. Now let’s talk about sex. Seriously, i want to talk about sex and why i am not interested in doing it. Is it because of hormons? I am seriously lacking in the libido department that i pity Mr.Hubby. What is wrong with me? Am i menopausal? Why do i have no libido? I don’t feel horny, i don’t feel anything… i love Mr.Hubby but i just don’t feel hot for him or anyone else… Shit! I was not like this before! HAVE I LOST MY MOJO???!!! What can i do to reclaim ittt???

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