Cuci mencuci lagi menyucikan…

Cuci mencuci lagi menyucikan…


Sorry, this is the only picture i could find 

Cuci is a malay word for cleaning. So CUCI the movie is about cleaning, window cleaning to be exact. What is so funny about window cleaning you might ask? Well… nothing… The story revolves around four orphans who were adopted by Tok Bi, Fairil (Afdlin), Jojo (Awie), C’tan (AC Mizal) and Khai (Hans Isaac). The boys, all grown up headed to the big city and eventually forming their own company CUCI-CUCI SERVICES. After being fired from another cleaning job for clowning around, Fairil, frustrated by his brothers lack of commitment towards work, persuades them to enter the WWO (Window Washing Olympic) for a chance to win a window washing contract for KLCC. That’s when they get to know CJ (Erra) and Farah (Umie Aida). Khai later develops feelings for CJ, while Farah was smitten with Jojo. The bad guy in this movie is Wira (Khir Rahman) the owner of ‘WiraMaju’ the company presently holding the contract. To make matters worse, Wira also has feelings for CJ but was snubbed because he was too loathsome. When it looked like CUCI-CUCI SERVICES have a good chance of winning the contract, Wira decided to offer Fairil a job as a manager with his company with a very lucrative income, thus breaking up the quads. Hhhmm.. the rest you just have to watch it yourself lah.. i dah fenat type.. Of course lah good guys win kan..

My Two cents :

For a first time director, Hans did a good job showing the aerial view of the character’s unusual job. The story was average and some scenes were cliche. There were parts in the movie that made me mengeliat sebab penat :

– part masa charity car wash, si pelakon-pelakon ni syok sesama sendiri main air pulak, macam tak kena gaya je. Ada ke dalam real life macam tu? Kalau budak-budak boleh lah.. ni dah tua bangka..

– part where Farah is checking out Jojo like he’s a piece of meat when she’s supposedly a nice girl always berbaju kurung. Sindiran berbisa tu… Actually, si Farah ni kalau watak dia tak de pun ok, tak kacau pun jalan cerita.. Kenapa muka Umie Aida macam tu haaa..?

– yang best pulak parts yang ada Mr. Leong. Jangan terperanjat, Mr. leong looks 100% indian but speaks like a apek.. ‘butut butut aaa..’ Lagi satu, dulu kan Awie, Adflin, Hans and AC ni berlakon citer Baik punye cilok – arahan Adfin, rasa macam dejavu lah pulok…

Disebabkan masa cerita ini dipelemkan Erra masih lagi mengongkek si Hans, you can see the evidence in this film, you can just feel the chemistry. They were a bit too lovey dovey and it’s NO ACT. I can feel and see the lurvee… Another thing i find funny, Erra used to kongkek Awie, Hans used to kongkek Elaine Daly, Umie Adia used to kongkek Ako, yang lain-lain tu aku tak tau siapa lagi yang pernah mengongkek siapa kan, and then they all come and join bikin ini pelem….. best ek..? hehe…

Ada banyak cameo appearance dalam ini pelem, contohnya Harith Iskandar, Que Haidar, Syanie (boleh ke dia naik platform ituh..?) Ako Mustapha, Elaine Daly, Datuk Tony Fernandez THE OWNER OF AIR ASIA, terer lah Hans.. Pada aku yang paling best is cameo appearence by Harun Salim Bachik, part dia kelakar.. tgk muka dia pun boleh ketawa. So aku bagi 3 tahi bintang out of 5 tahi bintang. Pada aku lah.. nak tengok boleh, tak nak tengok pun boleh.. tapi seronok tengok ex-ex kongkekan ini act together… hehe..

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