Cranky like a stuffed baboon..

Cranky like a stuffed baboon..

I haven’t been posting for quite a while. No motivation and just plain lazy. I find that during this ramadan month, i am wayyyyy more cranky than usual. Wait, cranky is not the right word, jackass is more like it. i find fault with everything, from the way other people drive to why can’t hubby shut up and let me daydream in peace…. Speaking of the bontot-ayam-mouth devil, we had a ‘misunderstanding’ on saturday night and he gave me the cold shoulder (i.e not speaking to me the whole sunday. Drama kan laki aku..) and guess what…. it didn’t bother me. I was ok with that…. because it means i have more ‘me’ time…. Aku boleh masak sesuka hati aku, boleh tergolek depan tv sesuka hati aku and most of all i don’t have someone interrupting me when i want to listen to the ‘Coors’, damn it! *sigh*…… I love him but he suffocates me…. I am used to making decisions for myself, so when he wants to take over, i resent it! Being my husband does not mean, he can control the way i think, the way i talk, the way i drive… especially the way i drive. I have enough stress from other drivers, i don’t need a driving instructor in the car (who doesn’t drive by the way..) and i did tell him that, i said ‘sayang, we can’t have two drivers for one car. I’M driving, so … please…. (shut up!)’ and he told me ‘balik ni ambik air sembahyang, you ni apsal asik nak marah je..’

I don’t know… maybe i’m having early menopause symptons (shit!, 35 is too young..) maybe i’m just being an asshole but i still think he should butt out when i’m driving….

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