Cor~porate @ Ke-parit Malaysia?

Cor~porate @ Ke-parit Malaysia?

Yesterday i was baffled when i look up from my computer and find a lady dressed very much like a ‘Hara-juku witch’ wandering around the office. I thought she was a customer looking for someone (to chew) or the toilet (they often do that, wander around and not bothering to ask..) but when she averted my eyes and made the beeline towards the photocopier machine, i just thought maybe she knows what she’s after. Later on i realised that she was one of the new recruits that the unit next to mine recently hired. They must be really desperate to achieve their target and thought that ‘hara-juku witch’ could do miracles with her vapours…

I am indifferent with these harajuku style and the people who tries to pull the look, even if they do look like idiots sometimes, not to mention witches. But when the same management who resorted to hide my dustbins because it interferes with ‘the corporate image’, hires someone who dresses like they belong on the streets of Japan, it just makes me want to hid my two very big and smelly feet in “management’s” arse…


Hara-juku witch looks a lot like this only with bigger hair, capri-like pants with high lacey boots and everything is in black.. lovely isn’t it.. New corporate face of A—-NK..?


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