Cloverfield @ Padang Clover

Cloverfield @ Padang Clover


Last week i went to watch Cloverfield. You know the movie about the monster destroying New York. I am here to tell you not to waste your money to watch it. I think it is the worst 1 1/2 hours spent of my life. The camera movements makes me dizzy and worse for bf. He felt like he’s seasick and wanted to barf. So for like 1 hr, he sat in the dark theatre with a cap on his face and fidgets around. When i asked him later why didn’t he just walk out, he said he knew i’d chew his head off so he stayed… haha.. He know me so well… Cloverfield is very much like Blairwitch Project, another sucky movie where it is documentary oriented. Sucks! With all the hype, the movie was a big letdown like that Steven Spielberg’s film about the aliens..which i can’t recall the title because it was so forgetable…. wait i’ll google it … “War of the worlds”. At least, watching that movie was like having your partner pre-cum on you, eventhough a let down, you had fun while it lasted. Cloverfield was a torture from the start. The story’s focus on Rob’s determination to rescue his friend who he was secretly in love with, Beth is really annoying. I just don’t understand how it could rake US $18.2 million opening. 


Thinking about it, i think this movie resembles a lot like the Korean movie, ‘The Host’. It’s got a fugly monster that plays hide and seek, underlying theme of rescuing the person you love (In ‘The Host’, the father trying to rescue his daughter who was kidnapped by the fugly monster), but ‘The Host’ would win hands down with much, much better acting. The only saving grace this movie’s got is the awesome CGI. That scene with the severed head of statue of liberty, disturbing but very nicely done. I cannot believe JJ Abrams came up with this lame idea.. Such a let down and such a waste of my money. I should have just wait for it to come out on the alternative channel and paid RM5.

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