Cirits Birits @ Diarrhoea

Cirits Birits @ Diarrhoea

Yellooo! I was down last friday, got a VERY BAD case of food poisoning, puke-a-ton and diarrhoea. Fun times! Lemme tell ya, shooting out bodily liquid out of both ends SIMULTANEOUSLY is exhausting! Shit is funny too (pun intended) if i wasn’t in so much painnnnnn…. I wake up every 2 hour to puke, go to bed, wake up again to sharting (fart and shitting at the same time..), puke and shitting at the same time, you get what i mean….. I don’t mind the puking, sharting, shitting but the PPAAIINNNNNNNN…… if i can describe the pain it would equivalent to having your intestine being yank around and stomped on by a giant angry rock…..except a rock doesn’t have hands and foot to yank and stomped, well just take my word, it HURTS!!!  I couldn’t eat anything, all i did was sleep, when not being interrupted by the puking and the shitting and the sharting…. When i went to the doctor, he gave me ONE lousy MC. I felt like dying already leyyy… just one day?! Luckily, the almighty deemed i kena cirits birits hari jumaat, so i have the weekend to rest…. because it took me 3, count with me uoolls, 1, 2, 3 fucking days to feel like a human again and the doctor gave me ONE day of MC!!! The world is full of shit sometimes!…….

Have you notice how exotic diarrhoea sound? Like Gonorrhea, when it’s actually something disgusting? It’s the ‘ea’ behind it…. have some disgusting disease, like a sexually transmitted disease, can’t call it gonorrh, let’s put an ‘ea’ and bling**, bling** gonorrhea sound so friendly….

Sorry, my derrier have stop but my mind hasn’t. Kalau paham, paham la, kalau tak… ada mak kisahhh???? muahhahahha…

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  1. so skrg dh ok lom pewotnya?? aritu pon i kena jugak kak kt opis. doc bg ubat, tp x tanya nk mc ke x pon. sbb dh half day, i time off jek la. hehhe

  2. sudah ok tapi belum 100%…

    heh.. kan, nasib baik boleh time off…. kalau tidak? doctors kalau kena food poisoning, diaorang akan mintak mc tak? assuming they are at the mercy of another doctor?

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