Buttercream roses from hell, taunting me for my sins…

Buttercream roses from hell, taunting me for my sins…

Best tak tajuk..? Why do i never learn? I got an order for chocolate cakes for today’s pick up. I have never done buttercream decorating on a cake before, eventhough i have practiced doing it before and failing miserably during my brother’s engagement kenduri. So when this customer of mine asked if i could maybe decorate a little bit on the cake, i enthusiasticly agreed. I never learn… My first mistake was when i added to much liquid during the buttercream process, thus making the cream softer or lembik.. Then i conveniently forgets that my apartment has a tiny teeny little fridge that’s already filled to the max. I can’t put the bloody buttercream in there to chill and maybe make it kental skit.. So.. this idiot.. aku lah tu.. didn’t get to go bed until 5.30 this morning to finish the bloody cake… and yang paling buat hati aku panas… the end result is bloody ghastly….

Check it out.. ini pun dalam gambar nampak macam cantik sebab bluurr sikit, yang aku snap pakai flash tu sungguh terang lagi bersuluh dia punya selekeh… 😮


My idea nitially was to use yellow white, orange, white, and gold colours for the roses… tapi tengok lah.. apa sudah jadi… aku pun tatau apa motif aku letak rose pink dua ketui tu kat situ..


nasib baik lah owner cake tu tak kisah sangat, dia kata ok lah tu.. tak cerewet…  Note to self, no more buttercream roses on top of chocolate ganache… cam siyall..


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