Blue, Indigo and Greeeeeen…..

Blue, Indigo and Greeeeeen…..

Today is an indigo monday for me, wait……, indigo is definitely bluer than blue right? Nothing felt right and i was simmering underneath. I think if you look closely you could see smoke coming out of me. Some people were laughing like a bunch of crazed hyenas in the office and i felt like ripping their tongue out. What are they so happy about? and what’s with that high shrilly laugh? You’re a guy, stop laughing like you got your balls stuck on your zipper ok?! I hate it when i’m in one of these moods, bitch overload!

I snapped when someone tries to make me form more than 2 sentences… Aiyaiyai… Quick trip to Secret Recipe and i bought these…. I was actually craving for the Green Tea Cheesecake and bought the ‘hazelnut cream something cake’ because the waiter was too nice and damn it! tak sampai hati pulak, I had to buy more than one …ok?

Loveee this green tea cheese cake, in fact i love anything/dessert with green tea in it. Except for jasmine green tea, the floral smell is too strong for my liking but green tea… yum, yum.. zen me up! (as if that makes sense..)

Hazelnut cream whatever cake, i forgot the name, it’s more like pity cake to me. I don’t know what possessed me to buy this and not my usual banana choc cake…. This cake is easy on the eyes, not so much on the palate (for me..) i’ll take the green tea cheesecake anyday….. Bliss the whole 15 minutes it took to polish it off…..

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