Boleh pulak korang bekerjasama ekkk?

Boleh pulak korang bekerjasama ekkk?

Now this post is not intended to make fun of the disabled but i am poking fun at other able bodied but mentally retarded people around me…. This is what i found during my outing last weekend….. cacat berjemaah….

How they can park without feeling guilty i’ll never understand… no matter what your excuse, if you’re not disabled then stay the hell away from that spot… How would you feel if ┬ásomeone takes your parking spot that’s close to the entrance and you’re on a wheelchair hmmmm??? Stop being a self-centred asshole ok??

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  1. I don’t know the owners, why, is one of the cars yours? And if it is, are you disabled? If you are, i would advised you to place the disable stickers on your car because these cars didn’t have them.. at least, I’ll know the driver is disabled and won’t get the wrong impression and won’t bitch about it in my blog… OR are you one of the irresponsible people who park on the disable parking space because it’s more convenient??? SIAPA GIGIT CILI MESTILAH PIJAR MULUT AND NAK CILI MULUT ORANG LAIN PULAK?

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