Apam 7up….

Apam 7up….


I tried making apam eno during the ramadan month because one of my friend was craving for it.It bloomed and crack magnificently as apams are supposed to, unfortunately i hated the aftertaste of the eno and it wasn’t as sweet as what i’m used to (luckily my friend said it was ok). Maybe i did it wrong, because the recipe involves leaving the batter overnight and i…. might have left it a little longer than an overnight… hehe… Anyway, i was browsing food blogs as usual when i came across this. I love her blog and have tried one of the recipes that she posted. Since i had all the ingredients needed in hand, i think we’ll be having some apam tonight babeh!


I made some changes to the original recipe because my never opened hong kong flour packet, when i took a closer look at it,  was actually expired and was already infesting some tiny maggots inside (hehe… that’s how lazy i am, i hoard stuff and then forgot to ‘use’ them). So i used ordinary wheat flour instead and luckily it turned out allright. Sorry to Ms. Nasi Lemak Lover for copy paste this recipe..

Apam 7up – the original name was written in chinese so this is my lame translation… :)

Ingredients :

Egg 4 (medium size) – i used 3 eggs

Sugar 200g ( I reduced, original 230g) – i used 130gms and i agree with NLL that it was quite sweet, if i make this again i would use her suggestion.

Hong Kong Flour 230g – (Hong Kong flour is an all-purpose flour that is highly bleached. Pau that is made with Hong Kong flour will turn out whiter than those made with normal) – i used 130 gms of normal wheat flour

7UP drink 75g- i used 40gms

* i also steam a small bowl of white only shredded coconut, steam for 5-10 mins, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar to eat with the apams….


1. Beat egg using high speed until creamy (about 5mins).

2. Gradually add in sugar and beat batter until white and fluffy (about 5-10mins, you can test by drip into a “O” shape and it can keep the shape for few seconds).

3. Sift flour onto the batter, and use plastic spatula to fold batter and mix well (don’t overwork).

4. Add in 7UP drink and mix till well combined (don’t overwork).

5. Sprinkle a handful of sugar such that it forms a cross on the surface of mixture (this is important to get a nice crack effect, and do this fast, otherwise the sugar tend to sink).

6. Steam in boiling water for 30mins.

7. This is what the texture of this apam looks like…nyuum!


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  1. sedapnya nampak apam tu….selalu beli tu rasanya amat mengecewakan..errr..nanti ko buatkan tuk aku k…

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