Aloe Vera @ Lidah Buaya

Aloe Vera @ Lidah Buaya

There’s an aloe vera plant at my house, lidah buaya (crocodiles tongue) in malay. I wonder how these ancestors of mine came up with the name, did they know what a crocodile’s tongue look like? Anyway, this plant of ours was originally a gift from en. laki’s friend. When he gave us the plant,  it was this scrawny pity looking thing and now…. it’s big and fat and have actually sprouted offsprings… unlike the owner.  Aloe vera it seems is a plant with many health attributes, i’m not gonna type them here because i’m lazy but you can google it if you want too. I’ve actually had this idea for quite some time but seeing that i am not the most rajin person, it just gets pushed aside. SO… a few days ago, i took some of the aloe leaves and made some type of drink with it… The following pictures shows how i tackle these thorny ‘devils’…….


See those tiny, seemingly harmless thorns? They’re actually little devil’s horn disguising themselves as thorns, i tell ya! It looks small and vulnerable but pack quite a sting. So first thing, we gotta do is take the damn thorns off because …. it hurts ok.. :(


Then we’ve got to take off the green outer layer, leaving only the clear, gel like stuff underneath all those green stuff. CAREFULL! It’s a slippery , slimy little sucka…


Once you’ve got your gel like thingy, soak them in water while you finish tackling the rest of the tiny devils….. This i read will help to get rid some of the slime. I also read somewhere comments from people who TRIED to consume these wonderful healthy devils thorns, that their throats get ithcy after trying to eat it. Not only that, the slimy juice that was on my hands when i cut them up, also made my skin itch. That was not enough to deter me though, i think the reason why those people got the itch is because they didn’t cleaned it properly. You have to get rid of every inch of the green outer covering.


Gel like thingy soaking in water before i got rough with them and clean those green bits off. After that boil some water in a pot and once it boils put these things inside and wait for it to boil again. Then take them out and place them in a bowl of ice water. Then you can cut to your desired shapes and sizes and put them in your favourite drinks. The recipe that i read puts them in a dried longan juice but i just threw away my batch of dried longan. So i made some lemonade and dumped my cubed aloe vera bits and  it tastes great!


If you have some these devils thorn growing in your garden, why not gave it a try?! It’s healthy, organic and won’t cost you a thing!

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