African Marble Cake

African Marble Cake

Since i love to bake and when i troll the net, i usually look at food blogs and stuff,  i decided to joined an online recipe/cooking group. From my observation, these ladies will rant and rave about each other prowess of cooking. Whenever they tried a new recipe , they would post the pictures and the verdict. I have not once read a discouraging review from them. Everything is delicious, everything is easy to do.. and for someone as skeptical as me that is just too much..  Granted that some of the recipes and pictures do look good, but i just don’t believe everything tasted SSOOO good. One day i saw this recipe, African Marble cake, the reviewer as usual was gushing about how easy and how delicious the bloody cake was that i just had to try it out myself. I have to find out if this cake is really as earth shattering as they claimed it. I mean it’s just a normal marble cake. Here’s the recipe if you’re interested…(changes i made are in italic)

Ingeredients :

250 gm self-raising flour (130gm)

200 gm castor sugar (120 gm)

1 tea spoon of baking powder (i thought the flour is self raising so, why the need for baking powder? i put in anyway..)

300 gm eggs (without the shells which is roughly about 6 eggs, i used about 3 eggs)

1 tablespoon of ovalette (that orange stuff , i put about 1 full teaspoon)

50 gm water (25 gm water)

2 tablespoon condensed milk (1 tablespoon)

1 teaspoon of flavouring of choice ( i didn’t put any because i forgot)

175 gm butter (melt it down, i forgot that i was halving the recipe, midway i remembered and end up using like 3/4 of 175 gm melted butter)

(This is my way of doing it, don’t come complaining if your cake don’t come out right..)

1. Beat eggs and sugar until triple in size about 10 mins.

2. Add in ovalette, condensed milk and flavouring if using any

3. Add in flour and baking powder, then a little water, then the flour, until everything is well incorporated (oh.. you’ll get the idea..)

4. Then you can add in the melted butter

5. Pour in a lined baking tin and baked at 180 degrees oven for 30 mins or golden brown like this…


I was trying to show the marble~ling effect of my cake.. too bad my photo taking skill is still under~develop.


My verdict?

The cake was easy to bake.. but aren’t all cakes? It was not as sweet as i liked it to be and not as buttery even with the extra butter i accidently put. The cake was also a little bit dry a big no-no in my book… So the next time i’m baking this cake, oh yes.. i will bake it again .. because i am not satisfied with the turn out, i will add the sugar to 180 gm (if i’m halving the recipe), butter at 180gm and i will also not forget to put in 1 tablespoon of orange paste for flavouring… I don’t know why they named it African Marble cake, because there’s nothing connecting to Africa in the list ingredients, maybe the creator of this recipe was watching a documentary on Africe hence the name. So the next time i baked this cake, it will be known as The Orange Marble Cake (depending on the flavouring) a.k.a The Marble Cake formerly known as African Marble Cake… 😉 😎

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